Chickin Fillets

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This doesn't only give the chooks something to cackle about! In only five minutes your tender, crispy coated veggie fillet is done. Viana's Chickin Fillets are perfect for light meals, try them fried and cut in strips on salad, in great tortilla wraps...
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Tofu (water, soybeans*, nigari) (32%), water, wheat protein* (21%), sunflower oil*, almonds*, sea salt, yeast extract, rice flour*, raw cane sugar*, palm butter*, maltodextrin*, turmeric*, thickening agent: carob beam powder*, spices*
* = organically grown / DE-ÖKO-001

Nutritional values per 100 g
energy 980 kJ / 234 kcal
protein 22.5 g
carbohydrate 7.5 g
fat 12.7 g
of which unsaturated fatty acids 1.6 g
cholesterol 0 mg

5 minutes in a pan, 2.5 minutes in a deep fryer or 10 minutes in the oven.